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Browse Miscellaneous - Home & Education : 151-200 programs listed after popularity

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  • gulvvarme Pics  151)   gulvvarme Pics 1.0
    A nice little collection of forklift pictures, with control buttons and information about the creator of the picture, licensing, etc.

  • Book Writer  152)   Book Writer 5.50
    Manage your writing projects to write anything faster, better, easier. Keep records on people, places, events, and notes to have your research right beside your writings. Writer-friendly features let you be a writer instead of a computer operator.

  • MP3Free  155)   MP3Free 7.108
    Immediate access to over a Billion Free MP3 music downloads files guaranteed ! Just imagine having access to all your favorite artist and song titles on your very own computer. We are the NUMBER 1 source to get you making your very own music CDs !

  • Whizlabs J2EE Certification (Test 484) Exam Simulator  156)   Whizlabs J2EE Certification (Test 484) Exam Simulator 6.0.1
    Ensure your success in J2EE Certification exam with Whizlabs preparation kit. Backed by Unconditional 150% Test PASS Guarantee, the kit contains 5 full length simulated Mock Exams and Interactive Quiz (over 430 questions) on the real exam pattern.

  • Job Interview Answers  157)   Job Interview Answers 4.117
    No matter what kind of job you are going for - The key is to PREPARE YOURSELF with killer Job Interview Answers! Get all the fresh, intelligent, strategic and EFFECTIVE job interview answers and techniques from this Guide that you will ever need !

  • sms2email  158)   sms2email
    A small utility that when coupled to a old Nokia mobile phone will send any incoming sms messages to a default email address. Great for fun but even better as a cost saving utility. Now you can reply to the office computers via sms.

  • Aves Bird Watcher Log  159)   Aves Bird Watcher Log 2.8
    Complete bird watcher's log. Includes world bird list, image collection, trip log, daily diary, club members list and more. Create graphs, print out item details and create your own web pages. Easy to use with extensive on-line help.

  • Flasher  160)   Flasher 1.00
    Flasher is a hidden prank program that allows you to flash any image to the computer screen, almost like a subliminal message! Flasher supports JPG, BMP, EMF, WMF and ICO formats. All you have to do is specify the image you want to flash.

  • Classbasket  161)   Classbasket 1.21
    Classbasket est un logiciel qui vous permet de suivre un championnat de basket français, étrangers ou personnalisé ainsi qu'une coupe. Il vous donne divers classements, statistiques et pronostiques sur les championnats. Très facile à utiliser.

  • The Free Awesome Dates Collection  162)   The Free Awesome Dates Collection 2.1
    Romantic Dates, Cheap Dates, Free Dates and Cheap Dates! Sample date ideas from each category. Never worry about coming up with a great date idea again. Get these date ideas and more from

  • AD Dragon-Fly - Animated 3D Wallpaper  163)   AD Dragon-Fly - Animated 3D Wallpaper 3.1
    EleFun Multimedia released AD Dragon-Fly -the new freeware product in the Animated Desktop Wallpapers series. In this product, we have implemented a perfect combination: excellent picture quality, comparable to a photo, and elements of 3D animation.

  • StartSpanish  164)   StartSpanish 3.6
    StartSpanish is for beginners as well as for those who want to review their Spanish and quickly get back on track. It contains brief yet comprehensive explanations about all of the most important parts of Spanish grammar, combined with exercises.

  • EarthNavigator PRO  165)   EarthNavigator PRO v.1.10
    EarthNavigator is a powerful PalmOS application that displays an interactive map in your palm. You can also view the full earth map, coordinates, distances between points, population, the local time, day&night, track expenses and much more.

  • TiVec  166)   TiVec 1.2
    TiVec converts TIGER Line data files distributed from the Census Bureau to pairs of MID/MIF or SHP/DBF files for use with mapping and other GIS applications and allows user to review with built-in renderer/viewer...

  • Egg Timer  167)   Egg Timer 1.0
    Egg Timer is a simple countdown timer that is sort of like the cooking timer you might find in many kitchens. You set a time in minutes, it counts down the time, and an alarm goes off when the time has elapsed.

  • ABC Drawing School I - Animals  168)   ABC Drawing School I - Animals 1.11.0424
    Learn to draw animals step by step! ABC Drawing School is a simple to use program providing easy to follow step by step instructions for drawing animals.

  • MSA Herp  169)   MSA Herp
    Succesful reptile and amphibian keepers know the best way to ensure success is to keep good records.

  • TamilPad  170)   TamilPad 1.2
    Now type easily in Tamil with TamilPad. Full fledged wordprocessor for the Tamil language. You can write letters, articles, or any type of documents and even send Emails in Tamil direct from TamilPad.

  • QB - Spanish  171)   QB - Spanish 1.0
    QB - Spanish is an easy to use Windows program that lets you expand your Spanish vocabulary. Contains over 600 Spanish words and expressions with audio recorded by a native Spanish speaker.

  • Tournament Scheduler Pro  172)   Tournament Scheduler Pro 5.0
    Tournament Scheduler is a complete tournament management software program. Perfect for leagues and organizations running tournaments. Create tournament schedules for up to 128 teams/players for Single & Double Elimination, Pool Play, and Round Robin.

  • Patricks Wallpaper Shamrock Clock  173)   Patricks Wallpaper Shamrock Clock 1.0
    Live the memories of St. Patricks Day. The clock is well placed over the image of shamrock leaves. Get this amazing wallpaper on your desktop to enjoy every moment of St. Patricks Day right there on your screen.

  • Transparent Analog Clock  174)   Transparent Analog Clock 1.15
    Description: Transparent Analog Clock. Features: * May be placed everywhere on the screen. * May be hidden for 10 seconds, but have no systray icon. * May be set to be always on top of other windows.

  • DG Work  175)   DG Work 1.0
    Draw schematic and simple PCB in one and two layers. Good abilities for changing component parameters. Printing any layer or components only.

  • CCNP- Switching Practice Tests  176)   CCNP- Switching Practice Tests 3.1.0
    Practice tests for Cisco(r) CCNP/CCDP Switching conforms to latest objectives of Cisco Switching exam. The package contains 3 tests and most questions carry detailed explanations.

  • My Simple Friend  177)   My Simple Friend 1.0
    Excellent daily journal software for your own personal journal keeping. The program has a nice history navigational system to make it easier to find past journal entries.

  • SurveyGold  178)   SurveyGold 7.0.15
    A complete software system for building and then administering surveys and exams then analyzing their results. Use it to create and conduct exams or surveys over the web, over the phone or with a printed questionnaire form.

  • Astrology Prophet  179)   Astrology Prophet
    Astrology Prophet is the program, which allows your to view all astrological events during your life, day by day with their exact dates and enhanced text characteristics. The results are shown in easy to use form of everyday calendar.

  • SEVENPAR (English)  180)   SEVENPAR (English) 2.30
    SEVENPAR calculaties exact parameter sets for the Spatial Helmert or Molodensky Transformation with seven or three parameters, which are used for accurate geodetic datum shifts between different reference systems for coordinate transformations.

  • Aphasia Tutor 1: Words  181)   Aphasia Tutor 1: Words 5.09
    Computer software. Provides unlimited aphasia treatment for many of the different types of expressive aphasia: nominal aphasia, amnesic aphasia, broca's aphasia. These can be caused by stroke or brain-injury and usually requre speech therapy.

  • Wintective KeyLogger  182)   Wintective KeyLogger 2.1
    Wintective monitors every keystroke on your computer, and take pictures of your desktop while you are away, and have the logs sent to you secretly with email.

  • Forpilots Logbook  183)   Forpilots Logbook 1.8
    ForPilots Logbook maintains an electronic version of a pilots logbook. The program is very user friendly and is intended to look and feel just like the paper logbooks do. Many different fields supported. Intended for all pilots from student to ATP.

  • Recite French Words  184)   Recite French Words 2.8
    Recite French words can be played automatically on the top of the computer screen, so when you work, study and play on the computer , you can master all kinds of French words to increase Your French vocabulary unconsciously, easily.

  • Oh So Romantic Vol1  185)   Oh So Romantic Vol1 1
    Imagine a world without love... terrible thought! It is our duty to ensure that love blossoms all around us. These full-size printable greeting cards are wrapped in romantic notions which should be kept alive all year, not only on Valentine's day.

  • Shellbook  186)   Shellbook 1.1.3
    Shellbook Software lets you easily communicate your ideas. Create a new book, or create your own adaptation of an existing work√Ę either way you will see your book come to life in minutes.

  • Fashion Statements for Men  187)   Fashion Statements for Men 1.0
    Fashion Statements for Men is designed to deliver the latest in high quality fashion and political/artistic apparel. All Fashion Statements come in three colors and can be printed for transfer to T-shirts, coats and other apparel.

  • A7 Graph Printer  188)   A7 Graph Printer 2.0.12
    Free Daily Thoroughbred Handicapping Graphs available for all tracks. No Charge. Designed using a 2 million-line database. A7 is simplest, fastest software ever created. A single click prints the graphs an entire card. No charge. Nothing to buy.

  • WireNote  189)   WireNote 2.7.1
    Note/Todo/Reminder/LAN Messenger/Address book utility. Easy to use tree-structured data holder: You`ll never forget anything! :) Can be used instead of messaging service/WinPopup for LAN. A lot of options for every application aspect

  • Recite Russian Words  190)   Recite Russian Words 2.8
    Recite Russian words can be played automatically on the top of the computer screen, so when you work, study and play on the computer , you can master all kinds of Russian words to increase Your Russian vocabulary unconsciously, easily.

  • Recite Japanese Words  191)   Recite Japanese Words 2.8
    Recite Japanese words can be played automatically on the top of the computer screen, so when you work, study and play on the computer , you can master all kinds of Japanese words to increase Your Japanese vocabulary unconsciously, easily.

  • jpg2pdf  192)   jpg2pdf 2.4
    jpg2pdf is a very flexible and powerful program. It can convert a collection of jpeg images into a unique PDF.

  • Painter  193)   Painter 1.00
    Kids Coloring Book allows your kids to color, save and print pictures. Easy to use interface designed for use by all ages! Pictures can be saved to disk, opened from disk and printed in full color to show friends and family!

  • PimZilla  194)   PimZilla 2006.0023
    Store notes, documents, files, web content and much more in a single .pim file. Icon library and icon favorites for building out your views. Available in flash drive version and U3 format. Go to for more information.

  • Dynamic Biorhythms  195)   Dynamic Biorhythms 5.27
    Calculates Biorhythms and Horoscope compatibility for any person, shows Moon Phase with readings, contains celebrities database with 3700 profiles and more!

  • ABC Coloring Book I  196)   ABC Coloring Book I 2.01.0242
    ABC Coloring Book is a simple to use program providing coloring pages for preschoolers to explore the creative world of drawing and coloring. It Offers coloring pages related to the alphabet...

  • RVal  197)   RVal 1.12
    RVal helps you select the best pairs of values to produce a given ratio, difference, or connect in series or parallel to produce an exact value. It will find the nearest preferred value or the one required in parallel with an existing value.

  • Check&Drive  199)   Check&Drive 2.25e
    Keep your car(s) in top condition.Plan and manage the maintenance of your car or even your entire fleet. Keep track of all expenses, get a reminder when important maintenance tasks become due or have a look at your fuel consumption.

  • CATraxx  200)   CATraxx 9.41
    CATraxx is a powerful music organizer database which will help you catalog a music collection of any kind, from vinyl records to CDs to MP3s.

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